I build
  • servers
  • apps
  • websites
to help your business
  • automate
  • innovate
  • grow

Who am I?

Image of Sjoerd

Hi there! I'm Sjoerd. I'm a self-employed software developer currently working in the Netherlands. After I finished my study and various internships, I decided to start on my own, utilizing the various connections I built during my study as a starting point for doing business. As my business name implies, I care a lot about well-tested software that can be relied on.

(If "Sjoerd" is a bit difficult to pronounce, feel free to call me Stuart)

What can I do for you?

Text bubbles Consult

I'll help you find out how custom software can help your business and what the right approach is.

Code Develop

Design, build and test software from start to end, tailored to your business.

Storage Server Host

Ensure your software runs 24/7 and stays running. I'll make sure everything is up-to-date and secure.